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Having the usual windows 10 issues

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It is moving very slow plus I'm getting some funny blue lines on the screen and in the bottom menu. I get this same strange line when the scenario is loading. I've changed affinity as has been suggested, and compatibility mode to windows XP.  Still no difference. Help please?

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Is this version 1.03 of CMBB ? Do you have a Radeon video card ? I can't remember if 1.04 fixed this issue or not. I know it fixed another issue that Radeon users experienced. In this case you'll probably need a file called the 'Radeon Text Fix' which has replacement BMP files of the text graphics. The text will look a little different from what it originally should look like, but it will be visible with these modified files installed.

Unfortunately with the new website, the hosting of the 'Radeon Text Fix' is no longer on the Battlefront site. I'll have to dig around for the file at home.

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I wasn't aware of this problem with Nvidia drivers. Typically I've only seen it with AMD/Radeon drivers (and it has been an issue for about a decade now). Although it shouldn't be a factor in this particular problem is your 1.03 copy CDV, Battlefront (CD-copy protected) or Battlefront eLicense-protected ?

What driver version do you have installed for your Nvidia ? What particular video card / chip do you have for your Nvidia ? Do you have a profile set for CMBB within the Nvidia Control Panel ? I'm not sure if some versions of anti-aliasing (MSAA, FXAA, etc.) may cause issues with the text.

Since these games are older DirectX titles (DirectX 5/6), perhaps installing some older DirectX files (this shouldn't replace what is in Windows, just add some older files):

DirectX Runtimes June 2010

I'm not absolutely certain this DirectX installer will work with Windows 10, but it may be worth trying. Usually if a DirectX .dll file is missing, the game will typically complain about it and not run.

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