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How much would the rights cost To CMA

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Just got this title and am surprised that development stopped on it. There's a huge amount here. It would be amazing with just some tech updating. You have me on board for such an endeavor, especially if we can squeeze an Iran-Iraq war title out of it, too 😁

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On 11/1/2018 at 10:03 AM, SimpleSimon said:

CMA2 sure buy, over here. 

The games have more than enough tools at their disposal to be interesting. The issue is just lack of imagination and poor research. If you set some Grants and Panzers to fight over a 2kmx2km map of flat desert sure that's not very exciting. If people think that's how all or even most of the fighting in North Africa happened wellllll...

Avalon Hill - 'Tobruk' says HI! Loved that game.

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