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Font difficult to read, some characters fuzzy

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Hello there

I've just redownloaded CMBN.  I'm up to engine 2, v2.11.  I've also bought engine 3 and 4, waiting for those to be ready for download.  My problem now is that some of the onscreen text is in a difficult to read font...with some characters rather 'pixellated'.  It's readable, just not that easy.  I've had a search on here and everything about fonts appears to be a few years old.  Can anybody please advise if there's some way of altering the font?

Many thanks

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No altering the font. But nVida anti alias settings need to be considered - other posts should say what to use. Also do not try to run this on an Intel card - the suffer from this problem as well as running slooooooooow.

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