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A Message from GAJ at CMMODs.

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I don't know if anyone knew but the CMX1 mod site shut down for a while this month. I contacted GAJ because I was looking for an old mod for reference. His second reply came in today and he asked me to share the info with the boards, so I have cut and pasted the pertinent parts.


"As I thought, usage exceeded the monthly allowance on the cheap plan I have at heroku (where it's hosted).

I'm currently paying $7 per month to keep it live on heroku, (I'd forgotten that actually!), plus another few dollars per month for the data storage at Amazon.

I have one contributor who contributes $5 per month, so I'm not too much out of pocket.

I'd need $20 per month to ensure it doesn't run out of usage on a monthly basis.

Contributions welcome (I think the site will have a paypal button when it comes back on 1 Aug).




He actually signed it with his name as well but I don't know if he wants that public or not.




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I've tried visiting the site, I remember using it years ago.  And with the forthcoming release of SF2, i wanted to dabble back into shock force.  Everytime i try to access the site, i get an hsts error that i'm unable to fix from the chrome hsts settings page.  I do want to donate now that I'm older and have the means to throw some cash at the folks who helped make my CM time more enjoyable.  Anyone know what the deal with that error is?  Cant figure it out.

EDIT :  Figured it out, sent something for GAJ.  

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