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Website Homepage Pictures on UltraWide Screen Display

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Just want to share with you that the formatting seems off when viewing the new website on an ultra wide display. Resolution is 3440x1440. Pictures are to one side of the screen, text is off etc. Nothing urgent but from an aesthetic perspective it looks bad. 


Thank you

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It's a problem as websites and their associated responsive templates with such banner pics have to work on screens from mobile phone to laptops, desktops to 4k monitors.

The banner image is already at a generous 1920px wide and 400px tall which covers 99% max screen instances where it could appear - above that the formatting goes awry - 3440px is an outlayer and requires starting with an image that large for all devices or making a specific image for all variety of devices & screens. Plus would require a proportional image sized 3440px x 770px if that size is maximum - but then folk with 5K motors of 5120 x 2880 won't be catered for...






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