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Combat Mission Italy Strangeness

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Found some weirdness in a QB which might be bugs, not sure.

The Case of the Superb British Communication

I will describe using the following image.


About 30s in the turn the machine guns, colored purple, spots a larger movement of infantry at the corner of the map circled in yellow. At the end of the turn, my scout vehicle, marked blue, has pretty good knowledge about them. Note that is has no direct line of sight to those unit. My best guess is that it got the information from Bn. HQ, marked red. However I cannot figure out how they know. The only apparent path is from the purple machine gun, to their leader, the Support HQ, marked bright red. Except that HQ does not receive the information this turn. The only other unit that, besides those mentioned and bright red, that get knowledge, is the teal coloured one, except it is at the end of the turn and is in even worse ability to pass that on.

The issues I raise here are:

 - How does the information get to the scout car, or even the Bn. HQ?

- Is it mean to go that fast - Up and then down in 30s? I mean it is the envy of Black Sea. Maybe communication like spotting is random and I just got extremely lucky?

Beam me slightly sideways Scotty

Another incident was a few minutes later. My scout car takes a pounding, loses its gunner and reverse. Suddenly it gets teleported about 20m to its left.

The Memory Banks

Here are the save games, but of them are during action phase and using the latest CMFI with GL.

British Communication Expediency Save Game

Lateral Interruption Save Game


I would like clarification, if there are bugs or not. And if there are, maybe someone in the outer circle, can get the issue logged with the inner circle.


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Well, I've always said that Info sharing gets passed down way too quickly.

Even in your case I can't see this info sharing (30s) happening that fast in a WWII setting (that should take several minutes in RL), let alone Modern...A 'Bug' for sure...Thou, there will be someone that will come along shortly and tell us that all is well, and here's way <_<


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I don't know. I ran a few seconds at a time, and checked to see who had info on those German troops. The only way the recce unit could was because right at the end of the turn the BN HQ had the info. But it didn't pass from the MG section through the MG PLT LDR. He has no info.

As for the second one, the magical transporting vehicle, I've never seen that before, but there's definitely something wrong there.

I'll take these the the FI beta forum to have a look and submit a bug report - definitely for the magic levitating vehicle. Not sure about the first - while I agree it's almost telepathy, I think you could find many similar instances.

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