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On ‎12‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 4:27 PM, Bootie said:

He wasn't an author... I sorted it out tonight.

MikeyD's latest post on the Turkish mod thread indicates he is still having trouble uploading.  It doesn't appear anything at all has been uploaded to CMMODS since December 19th, which seems strange.

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SFOR MOD: Bradley Pack 1.0


This mod will provide you with recamouflaged version of Bradley IFV of all kinds. SFOR stands for, “Syrian Force” – > fictional group of the U.S. Army assigned for operations in Syria. The legend standing behind it will be explained a bit later. 


Now the camouflage pattern used in this mod should be good on all kinds of maps in this game.





Link to download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7753


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Wanted to do something more interesting than a solid sand. This camouflage will allow your vehicles look somewhat camouflaged on all maps of this game. It is fictional but based on the mix of what you could see in a late cold war era with some addition of a eastern Europe camouflaging style. More specifically on a TTsKO variants. Yet, the color balance is changed to fit into the game world better. 


Now the SFOR itself was inspired by KFOR. I was thinking about doing few missions in which the United States would be taking a step into Syria in order to stabilize the civil war situation. But it is on an idea level at the moment. Since the story behind the game is fictional I've decided to take an advantage of "what if" kinda thing. Just playing around with some ideas. 


I hope that someone will enjoy using this mod. I also hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays! Have a productive year gentlemen! 

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1 hour ago, Sequoia said:

Oleksandr, I may have overlooked this else where but what is meant by Hybrid Forces?

The use of the term is somewhat context sensitive but the basic idea is they are not official army but also not just guys with guns that you bumped into on the street and recruited. They are typicality actual soldiers (mercenaries or regular forces who were voluntold to join a special project, or recently "released" vets) who are equipped with a hodge podge of uniforms and equipment often last generation or cutting edge but inconsistent enough to allow lying sacks of politicians to pretend the are not regular army doing the government's bidding.

Season to taste - more regular army types or more volunteers who are being paid - more last gen weapons or the latest and greatest - more actual locals or more guys from a neighbouring country that you can pretend are locals. Whatever you need just as long as they know what they are doing and will follow orders. Oh and make sure you have lots of groups local criminals and malcontents that are not very reliable around so you have someone to blame for stuff that goes more sideways than you really wanted.

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CMSF2: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry By Oleksandr


With a great respect to Canadian Military and all commanders on this forum I would like to present you with my latest mod for CMSF2. 

This is a huge thing for me and first and foremost I would like to thank each and every person related to Canadian Military (as well as to all NATO partners) for help that your countries provide to Ukraine. 

Operation Unifier is one of those things what made want to make this mod. 


Recently I've seen that there is on going argument within Canada about turning Multicam into new "main" camouflage pattern. 

Since this game is about hypothetical invasion of Syria I've decided to make a mod about how would Canadian Forces adopt to a long-term conflict in that region. 


I've took the Multicam Arid pattern as the base and modified it a little bit to match most of the game maps. 


As you can see from this slide - your forces will be camouflaged pretty good. 


I've also reworked most of the gear including NVS so that it will match desert realities better. 


Some patches were added. Now I know that most of the time patches being avoided within Canadian military especially when it comes to combat. Yet, for the sake of the eye candy and because I've seen some photos I've added some of those patches. 

Now this is version 1.0 of this mod and it will be updated in few months. 


CMSF2 was big thing for all of us here. I was not as excited about this game but the NATO module made me quite happy. What I'm doing here is a little more that just a camouflage change - what I'm trying to make is to show forces what would be present there not for 3 months but more than 10 years. That's just my vision and I think that after main operation what would take few months it would be long and lasting operation. Following that logic I've made this mod. 


Now there is a lot of great content produced. And I will be trying to keep up with most of the trends while working on my ideas further. I hope that you will enjoy this mod its updates in the future, I also hope that you guys will enjoy other stuff what I will be posting really soon. Enjoy the game and thank you for your feedback. 

Link to download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8143


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Amazing! You continue to be one of the best skin modders on this forum! The worn look of the Canadian uniforms is great. Will you be modding in new vehicle skins for the stryker and bradley?

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40 minutes ago, BarendJanNL said:

Hi Oleksandr,

Ever thought about making a mod with the Netherlands Fractal Pattern (nfp)? 

Would be a great extra for the Dutch forces in Shock Force 2



Hm... It is very nice pattern (im a fan of a pixel and it seems like a smooth variant of those). This is what I'm going to think about - Im goin to look for desert variant of those. If there will be none I might develop one (obviously with pattern structure saved) and then I might make it my next project. I really like it to be honest. 




One thing I dont understand is that why in this game there are no drones avaliable for NATO forces? 

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CMSF2: McMillan TAC-50 For Canadian Forces By Oleksandr


This mod will provide you with reworked version of TAC-50


It was upgraded with camouflaged textures. Its scope now is a camouflaged version of Night Force atacr. +the emblem of 
McMillan Brothers Rifle Co. was added as well. Main finish for this rifle is Multicam, certain details got sand finish. Lense was added on both sides of the scope.




Link to download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8228

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FN MAG (C6) For Canadian Forces By Oleksandr


This mod will provide you with retextured version of C6 MG. 


Not all of the weapons used by Canadian forces within this game will be recamouflaged with painted versions. This MG is a veteran and this mod was created to give it a sharper look. 


Few elements (barrel and stock) were replaced with a higher quality textures for youe enjoyment. 

Link to download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8239

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I was in Starychi, and PPCLI, RCR, Vandoos like everyone else wear the standard CADPAT.

http://www.combatcamera.forces.gc.ca/en/photo-search.page#ipa_pastEvent=OPUNIFIER&etitle=Operation Unifier&ftitle=Opération Unifier

e: except the CSOR guys, who wear multicam.


In terms of patches, it depends on unit to unit. Some sergeant majors will smoke you for wearing a patch, some commands encourage it.

Edited by DougPhresh

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