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issues with my mortars

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so i just started a quick battle with my friend and am having some issues getting my platoons into contact with my mortars. the images show how i have my mortar pool set up, as you can see i have my mortar platoon HQ with A company HQ there, but the platoons within A company are still out of contact with the mortars




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13 minutes ago, Heirloom_Tomato said:

Are your platoons in contact with A company hq?

Can A company call the mortars from where it is? Or if it is moved further away from the mortar pool?

my platoons are in contact since they also have radios, a company is able to call them in from where they are but if moved too far away they can't since that leaves the mortar pool without a radio


15 minutes ago, Warts 'n' all said:

I don't play QBs. But, it looks to me like your problem arises from the Mortars belonging to the Battalion HQ Company, NOT to 'A' Company.

that's correct, but they're a part of the same battalion. do i need a battalion HQ there to be able to communicate between platoons?

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5 minutes ago, PopsicleCat said:

that leaves the mortar pool without a radio.  

To fire indirect on map mortars must be within close visual C2 (12 action spots) of their chain of command or within voice C2 (6 action spots) of any authorized HQ, XO. FO team or within 2 action spots of a radio equipped vehicle. 

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