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John Kettler

WW2 Explosive Ordnance Manuals USA German Japan Italy Military Ammunition CD

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If you're losing arguments on the CM Forums for want of authoritative citations, this CD, WW2 Explosive Ordnance Manuals USA German Japan Italy Military Ammunition CD, which I got from the excellent (100% positive rating; left five star review) eBay Seller larry5250 for a whole $9.99 with free shipping, will be your salvation and source of glorious grog madness. It's got the OP1000 series Naval Ordnance books (in crisp, clean PDFs) for the US, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan and Italy, as well as lovely bonuses. If you could find these in physical form, it would be a seriously expensive acquisition process. Speak from experience here after trying to replace my facsimile (from Paladin Press) of the GERMAN EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE Bombs, Rockets and Fuzes volume after it was either stolen by the cop I lent it to or somehow lost/thrown out by his wife during his ugly divorce decades ago.  Recall the price was $200 or so as of last year. 

From an information (never mind scarce information) per dollar standpoint, this is a killer deal. Would further point out navy.mil some years ago took the US one down from its site post 9/11 and hasn't replaced it since that I know of. With major company after major company imposing its, ahem, values on us, I believe it would be wise to get this now, in case a policy decision at eBay suddenly prohibits such wonders from being sold.


John Kettler

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