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Rally The Regiments Mod

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This is a release for a work in progress mod I'm calling Rally the Regiments or R&R for short. So far multiple terrains and foliage have been redone, new tracers, unit bases, and a test scenario for an Omaha Beach map. The goal of the mod is to make 1200x1800 maps and missions inspired by a WW2 miniatures game that are balanced for single and multiplayer competitive play.

The link can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iiyb8gr2b8ypo5b/CMBN_R%26R_Mod.rar

The Omaha Scenario is a semi-historical condensed version showing the 1st infantry and 29th division storming the beach at the Les Moulins draw. Still a lot of work to do on it but it is playable on the US side set to turn-based. The US forces only enter as reinforcements, so the first 5 minutes of game-play are null.








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So...  this is a "replacement mod" to use when playing an Omaha beach scenario? 

Was thinking maybe the bmp's should be tagged/renamed, so players don't have to move and remove the mods every time.

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Negative on that one Erwin. The textures are meant as an optional graphics replacement for any scenario. Someday I'll include scenario specific textures via mod tag. Honestly don't know how to mod tag yet but guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there :).

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Figured this might be helpful for anyone messing around with the test scenario.


    Commander, there's little choice but to make a frontal assault across the beach flat. The capture of Les Moulins and the D-3 draw is vital for getting
    motorized traffic and supplies off the beach. Move as quickly as you can to find a weak point and crack the German defenses.
    You can leave pockets of enemy resistance for follow on troops to mop up later.
    Air support will be unavailable while in an interdiction role to prevent or delay enemy reinforcement.


    Mission type: Amphibious Assault
    The 1st Infantry division and 29th Infantry division are tasked with securing an accessible exit off of the Omaha Beach landing zone
    no later than 0735 in order for follow on forces to advance inland.


    1st Infantry Division Assault Company
        Company HQ
        x2 boat sections
        support boat platoon
    29th Infantry Division Assault Company
        Company HQ
        x2 boat sections
    Divisional Support
        Battalion HQ
        DD tank platoon (x3 m4a1 sherman)
        Engineer combat platoon (sqd with attached m4 sherman)
        Ranger company (plt)
    Corps Support
        Naval gunfire support (destroyer with forward observer)
        Anti-Aircraft artillery platoon (sect)


    Defending the beach is known to be a static coastal division made up of elements from the German 716th infantry.
    This division consists of lower quality soldiers with little to no mobility. None the less defenses on the coastline are fully capable.
    Expect concrete emplacements with anti-tank guns and a strong defensive network of trench lines behind barbed wire obstacles.

    1st wave: scheduled to land at 0630 with armor support to immediately suppress enemy fortifications and clear obstacles.
    2nd wave: scheduled to land at 0640 with infantry assault teams to facilitate the capture of a beach exit.
    3rd wave: scheduled to land at 0655 with HQ attachments and the remainder of support elements for command and control.


    June 6 1944
    1200x1800 meters
    1 hour and 5 minutes


    Amphibious Assault: 1st wave consists of 50% of the force pool set to variable and sporadic arrival times representing landing craft
    searching for gaps in beach obstacles and a place to land. Follow on waves are in mass but set to a variable arrival time based on ratio.
    Casualties are irrelevant in this mission type.


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Update: not working a 60+ hour job anymore so yay back to combat mission. Currently setting forth to finish the Omaha map so it's more functional while working on a map for La Fiere Causeway and a sidi bouzid battle test for CMFI. The best part is that the newer version of re-shade doesn't interfere with the game like it was before on me so I'm integrating that back in along with more terrain graphics across all families.

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