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The passing of a Grog reviewer legend

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A few days ago one of our testers brought it to our attention that one of the most consistent and durable names in wargame reviewing died in January.  Despite the speed of the Internet, the news took until last week to come out.  According to what little info we've seen, James (Jim) Cobb succumbed to the flu along with his wife.  An official obituary and some details of his life can be seen here:


Grogheads posted this tribute to him to round out coverage of his time on this Earth a bit more:


I've known of James since the days I was doing the corporate gaming gig in the mid 1990s when I did a phone interview with him.  Over the years he's certainly kept up with what we've done at Battlefront and given us fair coverage.  Here's the last interview I did with him back when Final Blitzkrieg came out. 


I have to say I know the difference between good, insightful questions which draw out good information and questions that are boilerplate or not well thought out.  James definitely put good questions on the table.

RIP, James.


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