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A Marine artillery battalion in Syria fired more rounds than any artillery battalion since Vietnam.

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OK, so let me understand this thread.  Totally out of context statements made with out of context data trying to establish an out of context point of view which is then, when successfully challenged as such, is then supported by a completely off topic point which is also out of context.  Do I have that right?  Good.  I'll lock this one up then :D

Though one comment of my own that I didn't see mentioned in this thread.  Cities in Syria were not pristine cities before the US lobbed HE into them.  Nope, most were already hollowed out pretty damned well by years of civil war fighting which, most experts agree, could not have been possible without the direct military aid of Russia and Iran. 

Oh, and a second comment.  If anybody wants to try and mount a high moral horse, I think they should examine what the cities look like in the Syrian regime's sector.  Barrel bombs, cluster bombs, and white phosphorus do a fair amount of damage, don't they?  Though I will admit that the use of chemical weapons is easier on civilian structures even if it is worse on civilians.  So I guess points to Russia and her allies for saving some infrastructure even though it's against the Geneva Convention?


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