Having problem with crashes during command phase. Game freezes, message comes up CM .exe has encountered a problem and will close. Always during command phase. Games themselves always boot no problem, have never crashed during a replay phase, only command. Couple of times has crashed in command phase whilst making a coffee, as in running fine only to come back coffee in hand to .exe encountered a problem. Annoying. Am using Windows 10 and a 1050Ti NVidea Gx card plus an I7 processor. (Aware game only uses single core). Sound a 2270W Nvidea High def audio. (Is that the sound card?). Do stubbornly play max gx, system put together in hope of gx overkill for CM games, have no mods however. Best can tell crashes not coinciding with virus checks etc, appear random. Have however installed games on D drive, C being SSD. Hoping that not problem as noted lot of Data pushed onto C drive.