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How to reduce cities?

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I'm playing on default difficulty settings and I can't figure out how to reduce Foochow. I send in multiple BB and CV (set to Naval/Tactical) to soften it up then follow up with 3 Armies (all with +2 Inf weapons) but it sits there grinning at me still on a strength of 10. The only result I get is a message telling me that China has lost MPP. I've seen this in multiple games. Then I had a similar problem against the corp sitting in London. Three +2 Panzer armies and two +1 Infantry Armies couldn't make a dent in it. I tried for three turns and the only point I took off that corp came from a bomber striking from across the Channel. Then Russia invaded so I figured that game was kaputski.

What am I doing wrong?

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If you encircle the defender then the maximum strength they can reinforce to is 5, and this will leave them far more vulnerable to destruction in a subsequent turn.

Another requirement for any successful offensive is to have HQ support in close proximity to the attacking units, as this will provide both supply and combat bonuses to the units under its command.


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