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7 minutes ago, c3k said:

This cap has a very hard tip, designed to break the hardened face, and a soft steel body, designed to protect the armor piercing shell from the force of impact.

Ah, now it all becomes clear.


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On 2/5/2018 at 6:49 AM, Bulletpoint said:

Wasn't it developed to defeat face-hardened armour that would sometimes shatter regular AP shot?

Wow, I managed to know something groggy.. all that time playing this game has paid off ;)

By the way, it's interesting how much of WW2 tech was actully a kind of continuation of medieval principles. Swords and axes were often made with a softer metal body to prevent shattering, and then a cutting edge of harder steel was welded on.

Similarly, fin-stabilised APDS can be seen as basically a giant crossbow bolt.

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