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Aris Churchill VII skin?

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Hello, I've been digging through CMMods and getting all the skins by Aristoteles when I've noticed that Churchill VII is missing. The only one that is there is with crocodile modification - so that skin doesn't work with a basic VII (and doesn't fit the model when textures are appropriately renamed). Doing a google search however it appears there was Aris Churchill VII present some time ago at Battlefront's own repository - however that link leads to nowhere now.

So is there Aris Churchill VII skin somewhere?

And did somebody do a Churchill IV (57mm one) skin mod? Would be nice to have

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Indeed, CMGL's IV works for CMBN just fine. Thanks... If there is indeed no Churchill VII for CMBN (at least an active link) I'll see what I can do with a crocodile version and Photoshop

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