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Shadow of Motherland Campaign

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Started 2nd mission.  Noticed that the recon HQ that was KIA in Mission 1 didn't get a replacement leader - thus leaving the recon squads out of C2.  IIRC there had been a patch some years ago so that HQ's were always replaced (or am I misremembering)?

Also, I must have had 2 Co HQ KIA in Mission 1 as I found a "Replacement Co HQ" in Mission 2.  However, it was also called "1 Co HQ (Replacement)" rather than "2 Co HQ".  So, now there are 2 x "1 Co HQ" units in Mission 2.  Is that an error or supposed to happen?

General question re use of dedicated Recon Units:  Is it SOP to keep the squads together with the HQ so they can all support each other - on one flank for example?  Or, would one parcel the recon units out as teams across the whole frontage?

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I found something else odd.  I had a BMP which couldn't decide what to fire at.  I kept rotating 15 degrees right then left then back again ad infinitum...  Until of course its target noticed and killed it.   I vaguely recall someone else posting about his phenomenon.  Presumably an LOS issue??  Not sure if its specific to CMBS or a problem across all the CM families.

Oh, and I just noticed something else.  A platoon HQ must have been KIA.  So, in the new mission, one of its platoon BMP vehicles is now labeled as the "Platoon HQ".  The inf team platoon HQ has not been replaced.  Again, I can't figure out if this is deliberate design or an issue?

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