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Hunter Killaz

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It's been fricking AGES since I played this game.

I'd really forgotten just how nail biting it can be, especially in RT, and even v. the AI.

Not the most amazing kill numbers, but the fight to get those 3 BTRS- ho boy...



2nd pic (from end game state) shows the long row of industrial/barracks types that the team nailed the BTRs from. I held them back until the middle BTRs were almost parallel, then nailed it. The lead backed up, swinging its turret and My guys just barely got it. the following BTR had surged past the first victim, stopped, backed up as the lead was getting royally rogered. But I had raced my guys forwards (ie towards the camera, through the buildings) and snaffled it as it was strafing the buildings where they had just been.

The speed of this little fight was mental, and I think it was actually critical - if those BTRs had broken past the buildings and swept right they'd have rolled up my advancing line from the middle, pinning me against a thin forest and muddy stream. I'd have beaten them off but the enemy right flank would have then ploughed into me.

2 little fellas and some ****ty RPGs put an end to that.


Sometimes, this game just knocks it out of the fricking park.


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