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Can't alt tab successfully

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48 minutes ago, IsaacLightning said:

Basically the game runs very slow at first and I heard that alt tabbing and going back in fixes this. Problem is that tabbing back in makes the screen go all black for me, and I can't play. What do I do?

I assume you left the game at the menu? What I found is I have to mouse over the bottom part of the screen where the buttons for Join Multiplayer, Exit, etc are. When you mouse over, the buttons come alive and you can click them.

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At what point are you Alt-Tab'ing, is it in the initial menus or the 3D battlefield view ? If you are Alt-Tab'ing in the menu screens, possibly wait until you get to the 3D battlefield before Alt-Tab'ing. If you're doing this in the 3D battlefield view, do you move around with the 'arrow-keys' or something to try to get the screen to draw again ? Perhaps Alt-Tab'ing once or a few times might help.

What Windows OS and video card/chip and drivers are you running with ?

** Beaten to the punch **

If you are in the menus, what GerryCMBB said is applicable - move your mouse around and the buttons on the screen will often highlight/redraw once the mouse moves over them and you can then click on the appropriate one to go forward to the next screen/menu.

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So you're in the 3D battlefield when you Alt-Tab and re-maximizing the game results in a completely black screen ? Actually doing it while in the 3D battlefield view is what I recommended earlier. Alt-Tab'ing while in the menus is where you're more likely to run into issues with the screen becoming completely black. Alt-Tab'ing generally should improve graphical performance (I'm not sure why).

When you Alt-Tab out of the game it minimizes to the application bar, is that correct ? Clicking on CM while in the application bar re-maximizes it, correct ? Do you move around with the 'arrow-keys' on anything to see if the screen redraws ?

I don''t know if it makes any difference, but is this copy of CM something recently purchased from Battlefront.com (and therefore version 1.04) or is it an older copy using disc-based copy-protection (a pre-2008 purchase from Battlefront.com or a retail CDV version) ? 1.04 updated a few DirectX calls that usually involved spinning screens and some other issues that occurred with DirectX 10 capable video cards and Windows Vista (the 'newest' Windows OS at the time). Eventually driver updates fixed the issue and 1.04 wasn't required.

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