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Excellent German TO&E online resource

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Figured, given how many games this information pertains to, the CMGDF was the best place to post this. Brother George of ex-Cav Scout renown is super anal on whatever military matter he's studying and can and does send it corrections to various game firms, playtest groups, etc. He's taken a hard look at a number of depictions of German infantry TO&E and sent me this link Which, among other things, has the KStns (extended TO&E) for hordes of different units, everything from foot, to infantry, bicycle-mounted infantry, motorized infantry and armor, together with a wealth of other formations, such as HQs and artillery. Anyone looking for detailed info (down to what weapon a man has) will find this of tremendous value, but remember, this is the official structure, the ideal, as opposed to the generally far worse battlefield reality. The material is in German, but is easy to follow, not least because there are crisp clear drawings and silhouettes.


The KStN for the medium Panther Company is 1177, but since the site doesn't post a specific page link for a given KStN, you'll have to go to the Panzer section and look it up. It'll be worth your time!


John Kettler


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