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John Kettler

Superabundance of Russian language Spetsnaz books

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While investigating the myriad book options on Amazon, I decided to investigate commandos, which led me to a further search for Spetsnaz. In plowing through the list, I found pages upon pages upon pages (not kidding) of what looked to be nonfiction Spetsnaz books covering everything from the GPW to the present, some of which were unmistakably history encyclopedia type material (know enough transliterated Russian to recognize certain words instantly). Naval Spetsnaz, KGB Spetsnaz, GRU Spetsnaz, Alpha, Spetsnaz FSB, SSO, etc.--all had books, sometimes stacks. Seemed to me to be a potentially tremendous information resource, one possibly usable by the Anglophones here after seeing some sort of smartphone app used to read Russian MRE text. Thought I'd pass the word about my discovery.


John Kettler 

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