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John Kettler

Military history DVD sets for a song!

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Recently, I bought the fully digitally remastered "Victory at Sea" classic WW II series for brother Ed and myself from an outfit called PulseTV. They just sent me another ad, this time offering the 50th anniversary edition of the 11 Oscar winning "Ben Hur" (starring Charlton Heston), for next to nothing ($9.91 vs $49.99 list), but there are WW II, Vietnam and other series there, along with all 94 episodes of the western show that made Steve McQueen a star, "Wanted Dead or Alive," in which he toted his "mare's leg," a cutdown  Winchester Model 1892, first introduced in an earlier series. Got to see an exact working replica a few years ago at a gun show. Impressive.

I saw the "Ben Hur" named above in a movie theater as a kid, and to those who want a terrific walk down memory lane, or show those of later generations what an Old Hollywood spectacle was like when there was no digital cloning to put thousands on the screen, there is  no finer example. Haver seen but clips from the latest one, and I wasn't at all impressed, for the latest Ben Hur actor was abysmal compared to Charlton Heston. "Ben Hur," war stuff and a great classic western series. Nice start to 2018, right?


John Kettler


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