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License Problem

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Have CMBB on a laptop. Just got a Zenbook for travel purposes and when installing it says I am out of license instances? How many computers can I install it on? Zenbook would be two. Unless I have it on an old computer that is inaccessible to me now.

Thanks for any help.

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Posted (edited)

CMBB uses eLicense, which allows for two concurrent activations. I would guess that you may have had it on an older computer and didn't UNLICENSE it on that computer before it became inaccessible. You could unlicense it on the laptop and then activate it on the Zenbook. You would have to unlicense one copy to play the other copy (you can go back and forth in this manner as long as you have an internet connection during the unlicensing and activation processes). You can also contact the Helpdesk and see if they would be willing to 'reset' your license key to allow for another activation. You'll of course need to provide your license key.

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