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2 hours ago, MOS:96B2P said:

This should be in the manual!

At this point, MOS has delved into the smelly guts of the CM2 system so much that HE is the manual!

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  • ability to buy ammo bearer teams. If you buy AT guns, IGs or MGs or similar weapons as "specialist teams" (not as part of a "formation"), they come without ammo bearers. IN WWII titles, it's really bad for AT guns and IGs, as the ordinary supply trucks and ammo crates don't have the appropriate ammo. So you're really stuck, with the initial supply of the weapon.
  • Maybe I missed it somehow, but you can't "remount" man-handled weapons like AT-guns after you've "dismounted"?
  • Better soldier placement within action spots. Right now, trenches/ditches are ineffective in terms of protection against artillery due to the way individual soldiers place themselves. For more information please refer to this post in my Gerbini-project: 
  • Not a feature but rather a bug: soldiers leave the protection of trenches (the ones you can buy as "fortifications") in order to hide in craters. As craters tend to be created during artillery barrages, you can imagine that this rather hurts. :D 

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On 6/9/2018 at 12:50 PM, Badger73 said:

Okay.  That helped me better understand your meaning.  I still think the game does so now.  In your example, the mortar direct fire aiming point would be the top of that wall.  In the game, mortar rounds fire in a small but variable pattern around that aiming point; some long, some short, some left, some right.  The blasts suppress the enemy.  Shrapnel has a pretty good chance to kill or wound.  I think the effort to calculate, code, test, and finalize such a small tweak in the game incurs costs to Battlefront which far outweighs negligible benefits.  To me, there are far better uses of programmer time.  :ph34r:

I remember reading a story about the Korean War.  We knew the bad guys were on the other side of the hill but were not in sight.  But they used the mortars to saturate the other side the result of which was many bad guys killed.  If you can see something but use area fire some of the rounds will fall where there is no line of sight but can be just as damaging.

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