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Michael Emrys


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I was 10 at the time and remember having the understanding that she was involved in some sort of scandal involving a perfume company. What a beauty, but boy did the press and people in general do a number on her. RIP, Ms. Keeler. 

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Michael Emrys,

You didn't intend to, but you briefly scred the daylights out of me with your post! Why? I have a niece named Christine Kettler, and that name, being familiar to it, is where my mind went instantly when seeing Christine Keeler's name. In such situations, it matters not that I spoke only a few hours ago with brother George who saw her just last night or that it makes no sense at all that any announcement of her death would show up here, particularly with regart to a Wiki entry. Here's the link to the CBS obit of her. The part about sleeping with "a Soviet naval attache with ties to intelligence" practically made me giggle, for anyone who knows anything about espionage at all knows full well any kind of military attache is a legal spy operating under diplomatic protection.



John Kettler

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