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An der Schönen Blauen Dnjepr scenario

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Not much happened this turn, so no new map.  Please forgive me!


An unsuppressed BMP-2 managed to fire off a volley at one of the crossing BTRs.  Shots riddle the front plate and rip apart the crew.  There are no survivors as the BTR drifts to a stop.


One of the surviving T-72s notices the trouble too late to save the stricken BTR, but exacts revenge, delivering an APFSDS round into the BTR straight through a thick cloud of smoke and a building!  (Thanks @Bil Hardenberger for the idea of using a PIP!)  It was hard to get a good shot here since the BMP was literally engulfed in smoke from the artillery shells landing nearby.


Despite some (maddening) pathfinding issues with BTRs taking the long way down the slope, going into the water and coming back out at another point, the crossing is going OK for now.  It's not as coordinated as I was planning, with a 2+1 configuration.  More like piecemeal.

Regardless, we go onward! To victory!

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On 7/3/2018 at 4:24 AM, Bil Hardenberger said:

This is a lovely and well written AAR.  Screenshots are amazing.. please share the overlay you are using, if you don't mind.


Thank you Bil, it's an honour to receive such praise from you!

The overlay is actually how it appears in-game, believe it or not!  I'm using Reshade to inject some post-processing over CM.  It's really something I only use for screenshots since it can definitely get in the way of gameplay, depending on what's enabled.  I posted some info on it here:


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37 minutes ago, kinophile said:

Danger, Will Robinson! 

Tell me about it.


Apologies for the delay.  I've been traveling on holiday and forgot my charger!  Hopefully should be back on track soon.

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Just a couple of screenshots.  The crossing continues, and is beginning to look a bit more organized.  I've been somewhat attrited, but in the next few minutes I should be able to dump a reinforced company across the river.


Supporting fire from the riverbank lays into a Ukrainian trenchwork blocking the railway access.  Staccato autocannon shots burst around an SPG-9 emplaced in the fortification.


A view from the railroad bridge at the BTRs as they cross the river.

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