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Can someone please remind me how to find the incoming and outgoing e-mail file directories on a Mac OS?

 Long ago, I set up my games with desktop links to start each one.  When my opponent sent me a file, I deposited it in the incoming folder from a link I saved for each game, in Finder. Last night, in an unthinking blur of foolish efficiency, I decided to re-name those Finder links to more accurately describe the games.  Now the games cannot find the incoming file folders!?!

I dimly recall some magic in originally locating these folders, but I can't remember just how to do it? Something about hidden files?



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<userHome>/Library/Mail is the base root. Depending on folders in your Mail app, I have V2 and V4 folders. V2 is basically empty, V4 has UUID named folders under there... which is which I don't know at the moment, but I have multiple email accounts that I aggregate in the Mail app.  

To suss those IDs out, sending an email to one account, then checking in Finder to see which folder got updated _should_ let me figure out which account ties to which UUID.

That might get you started...

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