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Looking for someone who runs a turn-based Lan game for testing purpose

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As I mentioned in a previous topic my brother and I have a weird issue playing a turn-based Lan game using hamachi or evolve. The issue is 100 percent repeatable. The one who hosts the game doesnt have an issue at all but the one who joins the game loses the ability to deploy heavy weapons. The button disapears. We tried everything (reinstall, router settings, new router!) but cant get rid of this issue. Now we are really desperate and I got the idea to ask someone of you to start a game with me to test it. The testing doesnt take much time:

1) We start a Battle or Quick Battle via hamachi or evolve

2) The one who joins buys a couple of HMGs

3) The one who joined gives some move orders with deploy command

4) Skip 3 to 5 turns. 

In our test runs always 50 percent of the HMGs lose the ability of deploying the weapon.

It would be really nice, If someone is testing this with me. I live in Europe, Germany but I am willing to test this on every time because we are so desperate. We could use Skype or anything else to communicate. Thx ahead!


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