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action points and strengh loosses questions

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21 hours ago, Bill101 said:


Action Points = the number of hexes you can move

Strength Losses = each point of strength lost from the default unit strength of 10

Combat essentially determines a units strength losses and the following formulas
determine these losses for units involved in either attack or defence sequences. First we
need to establish a combat multiplier based on a units readiness that will give us the
percentage of a units attack or defence capabilities. The combat multiplier is therefore:
Multiplier = readiness / 10
The combat formulas that determine a units strength losses is as follows:
Attacker Losses = defender_multiplier * (defend_type_value + defender_experience / 2) -
attacker_multiplier * attacker_experience / 2
Defender Losses = attacker_multiplier * (attack_type_value + attacker_experience / 2) -
(defender_multiplier * (defender_experience / 2 + defender_entrenchment +
defence_bonuses)) can you explain this ?

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This formula can only be understood with reference to the unit properties screen and the other factors that might apply, e.g. terrain or resource bonuses that benefit the defender. Units also get a bonus if they attack without having moved first.

I would suggest playing, trying things out and you'll soon get a good grasp of what matters.


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