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Computer Upgrade

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I had an Dell Optiplex 755 Mid Tower, Win 7, Core 2 Quad 2.83ghz, 8mb PC2 Ram, 250GB HD, ATI 7700 1GB Video Card...Played CMx1 & CMx2 with no issues over the years. However, the Hard Drive finally gave out, and decided to purchase a slightly better used computer below.

Now, I just ordered an Dell Optiplex 790 Mid Tower, i5 (which is the next Gen Quad Core), 8mb PC3 Ram, 500GB HD, and will be installing the above Video Card...Will have any known issues (bottlenecks, etc) running CMx1 or CMx2.

Thanks for any info.


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Hardware wise I believe you should be fine. You MIGHT need to contact support if during activation of your license keys you get a message about 'no more activations remaining'. In that case Support would need to add an activation to the license keys of products that no longer have any remaining activations.

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