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Cosmic Pebbles

Greatcoats and winter uniforms

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14 hours ago, Cosmic Pebbles said:

Would it be possible to make a mix of these 2 Uniforms?

Other than modifying the textures for the greatcoat as, for example the fine mods above, there is no way to have mixed models of soldiers wearing greatcoats and m41 jackets or m43 tunics all within the same squad, or randomly. You can in the scenario editor specify which uniform type you want your soldiers to wear if available*. I believe this than be done right down to the squad level for platoons, and team level for specialist teams.

*by "if available" , I mean dependent on TO&E i.e seasons, branch, epoch etc.


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13 hours ago, Erwin said:

Ithikial has also made uniform mods for winter - also at CMMODS IIRC.

Should point out It's largely Umlaut's work when it comes to the greatcoats. I liked the work he did on German snow uniforms for CMFI and got tired of waiting for him to get around to CMFB. :P (I checked with Umlaut first)

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Sounds like someone wants to make a scenario with a certain Sturmbannführer Heinz Schmidt in one of the units. I remember the famous photo of him walking with his troops,wearing his unbuttoned greatcoat, which displayed his badges and medals on his tunic. This was of course in the early hours of the offensive. Very nice. The thing about greatcoats is they should be against international law, because they deflect bullets thereby protecting the wearer and giving an unfair advantage.

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