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Force Composition Picks

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An idea for Force compositions: Flames of war just came out with an easy to use battlegroup builder called forces of war with companies representing force pools of a whole division. https://forces.flamesofwar.com/FOWPDFSelector.aspx. Unfortunately costs money to use the point system but the decks are available for preview. I see this set-up as something that could help make semi-historical engagements for single player and multiplayer in the direction of steel division; with divisional decks thrown at each other on historical maps. I suppose it would really just be a more restricted form of quick battles but could assist in picking attachments and ratios in the TOE’s. It might be possible to have the flames of war companies stand in for a battalion sized force or something allowing representation of a full division. Throw in a historicalish 1-2k map with different reinforcement times and could be fun. Here is an example of the US 29th division (depending on point system, only 3-4 support units would be attached).


29th infantry division assault company

Combat platoons

               X6 boat sections

Weapons platoons

               Machine gun platoon

               Mortar platoon

               Ammo and pioneer platoon

               X2 AT gun platoons

Regimental support

               Recon platoon

               Cannon platoon

Support platoons

               DD tank platoon

               Towed tank destroyer platoon

               Calvary platoon

               Combat engineer platoon

               Ranger company

Support platoons

               Field artillery battery

               Corps armored artillery battery

               Naval or chemical mortar support

               Corps anti-aircraft platoon

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44 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Would that be from the "32nd Our Savior Assault Regiment"?

lol yes, possibly recon to get a step ahead of those Germans and their occult expeditions.

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Correction, apart from the cavalry*, is that the flames of war companies seem to correspond to regiments. A mock combat mission task force representing the 29th division would then be x3 of the assault/infantry companies in different variations of points.

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Once I have my desktop again I'll see about converting all the flames of war normandy companies into combat mission to get a feel for how the point system compares in quick battles. The idea then would be to have standard map sizes of a historic area in quick battles and both players would pick forces limited off of an xml sheet or something. Not sure what the standard map sizes would be yet. I figured I'd try this going back to my omaha west thing (made more computer friendly), la fiere causeway area, and a 3rd people's choice pick. Any takers for what the 3rd one would be?

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