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Default names pool?

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26 minutes ago, Apocal said:

Is there any way to add to it? 

Yes, it's pretty simple actually. The way CMx2 mods work is by replacing assets that go by a certain name the game engine searches for.

In any CMx2 install directory, you will find a "Mod Tools" folder, therein you will find two modding tools : RezPack and RezExplode. RezPack is used to make .brz files (CMx2's data file format) and RezExplode is used to crack them open. You don'y really need to use RezPack, it's just a way to make nice little file bundles; as a matter of fact, most mods simply provide raw files for ease of use.

To unpack a .brz file (which are all found in a game's Data folder), all you have to do is plop it down in the RezExplode/Input folder and then run the exe. The program works pretty quickly and will leave the loose files in the Exploded directory.

Now for Final Blitzkrieg, you'll have to unpack "final blitzkrieg v100a.brz". You'll find the soldier's names files under the Text folder.

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I made a mod of soldier's names substituting the stock ones for more memorable easier to pronounce call signs and nicknames. The names text file is universal in that you can use the same file in all Cmx2 games. I not sure if this mod is at Cmmods, or if it was on the old Battlefront repository. I made it a long time ago and hard to keep up with all my mods out there.

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