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John Kettler

Is there a CMA tutorial? Also, what's main song and singer for vid below?

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Victory! I finally got a sibling to play CM, in this case, the CMA Demo downloaded by the youngest, brother Charles. Unfortunately, he really doesn't understand what he's doing and is somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of moving parts in the apparently rather large Demo battles. This is further complicated by his acutely limited down time (1 -hour days more or less continuously) and his practice of playing a game straight through playing turn based vs the AI, rather than halting at a given turn. Am therefore trying to locate an actual CMA tutorial video, but so far have failed. The below FGM video looked somewhat promising, but though it really didn't solve the problem, the main soundtrack, soulful, military themed (heard reference to aircraft recognizable with my minuscule Russian) and rather like Lube was great, and the end of game music familiar, swelling and powerful. Am convinced nobody does such choral singing like what I presume was the Red Army Choir.


John Kettler 

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I don't recall seeing a turorial JK, if I remember the demo-scenario correctly you have a bunch of BMPs (maybe a couple of tanks too) and have to prevent some Mujahideen escaping from a village (IIRC it's a beefed up version of one of the scenarios from the first campaign).

Couple of tips: 

Your firepower is in your artillery support and your vehicles, use it, all of it.....Don't start using dismounts until you are satisfied that most of the more dangerous hostiles in the immediate area are already dead or thoroughly supressed.

Split a two man 'Scout Team' off each infantry section as soon as they dismount and have these two men remount to occupy the commander's station in the BMP, this greatly improves the vehicles performance.  Platoon & Company HQs should not dismount until the battle is largely over IMHO (improves C2, protects their precious a***s).

If your dismounts spot something bad, get them into good cover ASAP and let a tank or a track take care of it, they can join in, but as I said earlier, your real firepower lies elsewhere.....The exception to this rule would be an RPG team, if it's one of those fellas, make sure you shoot it thoroughly while you run to cover so that it's already supressed when the vehicle blows it to smithereens.  Never give an RPG team a break, ever!  Keep shooting until you know they are all dead!

Once you are ready to enter the village in force, form a Bronegruppa with 2/3 of your remaining IFVs (keep the two man teams aboard) and send this around the flanks to block lines of escape.

Above all, remember you are the Red Army, not NATO, so if you take fire from a building, level the whole village.  :mellow:

PS - The song in the video is very cool.  B)

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