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Ammo for Teams

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Just a slight quibble: I have started to pad out recce units in QB by adding specialist teams of AGS, RPO or occasionally SPG-9. The two-man teams fit perfectly into the BTRs, BRDMs and Tigrs of Russian and Ukrainian recce formations. In a Ukrainian Recce Assault Co. for example, I'd have each platoon have 3 extra teams, so that the 4 BTRs of the platoon are full, with one already carrying the platoon HQ plus squad, and the rest carrying their squads and a team. Depending on the map this could be a combination of sniper, RPK, PKM or the heavy weapons I mentioned earlier. This has been a really flexible unit for some tasks and I try to take one out in every QB as I find it has more flexibility than a standard infantry platoon.

The issue is that the BTRs of the platoon do not carry ammo for the crew-served weapons! The sniper and PKM are fine because the BTR already has 7.62x54r ammo, ditto the 5.45 for the RPK and RPGs for the RPG team. If I bring an AGS, I only have the 116 rounds it comes with! The SPG-9 also comes with hardly any ammo. Supply sections are no use because they also do not have the ammunition I need. The vehicles assigned in a Battalion Tactical Group for the AGS and SPG carry plenty of extra ammo for their crews, but there is no way to do that organic to the unit here.

I would like it if somehow attaching a team to a formation also added ammunition for the team's weapon to the formation's transport. Those reloads for the AGS could often mean the difference between winning the firefight or stalling. I think there are enough examples of combat in Ukraine of Separate Reconnaissance Battalions having heavy weapons and presumably they throw some ammo in the BTR when they pack the AGS.

As an aside, I would like it if teams attached to specialist formations received the same equipment. I consider them organic, i.e the AGS is manned by members of the recce bat and not some line infantry who came along for the ride. It would make sense if they also received the same level of night-vision equipment. This is most obvious in Russian formations. Russian recce units have every man equipped with a night vision system, but if you attach a team, they don't, and that makes a big difference. The SVD in a squad has a night vision system both on the helmet and rifle but an attached sniper team doesn't, which is puzzling! I think it is reasonable to assume that teams with AGS, RPO or PKP in a Russian scout platoon would also be equipped with night vision.

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