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Ivan Zaitzev

Eliminating steps in bridges

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Hello. I'm working on a scenario that requires a long bridge. I'm using a combination of 40W and 56W bridges, and I'm struggling to make everything look right. One of the problems I'm having is that there is a step at the beginning and end of my bridge, how can I eliminate that?

This is the step I'm talking about.


This two pictures are the bridge and how I'm fixing the elevations so it won't sunk into the earth. If you have any advice on bridges and elevations, please share!




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Without trying to replicate exactly what you are doing - the main thing with bridges is that the endpoints need to be the same elevation.  You don't need to set the elevation levels between the endpoints.  The water will already be at the level of the lowest elevation point that it touches so you have a lot of 'extra' elevation points that aren't needed.  You can basically delete every elevation point between the end points and the join point between the two bridges (including the blue ones along the bridge itself).  I also wouldn't set the lower elevation points immediately adjacent to the bridge endpoints - just let those points find their own elevation (without using the blue CTRL elevation points - just use normal ones).  The tricky part is joining two bridges together - at the join part you need to have at least five elevation points (one under the join point and one in each cardinal direction).  IIRC the blue elevations means that you are using the CTRL key when selecting an elevation point and those are typically used when creating irrigation ditches since they give a sharper edge so I'm unclear about the context that you are using them in this map since you would typically be using the blue elevations in between two higher or lower elevations to create a sharper edged channel or berm of some kind.  Without placing higher or lower elevation points on both sides of the blue elevation points I would expect that you would be creating a step instead of a berm.   

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