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Hi Guys

1) Can somebody tell me how work the game system to read and allowed or attribuated uniforms or helmets ? 

Helmet number "x" instead helmet number "y" to a specific uniform.

2) What are the files (...lod.mdr) what are they doing exactly in the game... are they the key of this choice?

3) About helmets: ready to play I can see all soldiers with differents helmets but only I can "see" smod_german_helmet-soldier ("0,2,3,4) 
smod "0" for helmet soldier.bmp,"2"is smod helmet soldier 2.bmp...,and in the game I have helmet soldier1 dont appear and "5" "6" "7" "8"are from a mod but dont appear in the game ?

I know this cos I sacrified a set of uniforms and helmets with drawing number on the pictures and loading the game to see the result.

How can I attribuated a specific helmet for exemple one from a loading mod ?

Thanks in advance to your answer

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