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settings explanation in widows 10

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Hi all, December 30 last year Canuck 97 listed these settings below to help Taker 9 with a map failing issue. I now have the exact same issue but do not understand the shortcut tab :-           add "-w" switch to target path. any chance someone could explain what i need to be doing. Thanks

Okay, I checked the various settings again. Try the following:

1. SCGC Main Menu: turn off "Full Screen"

2. Properties for the desktop icon:

> Shortcut tab: add "-w" switch to target path

> Compatibility tab:

"Run this program in compatibility mode" checked; Win XP (SP3)

"Reduced color mode" checked; 16 bit

"Disable display scaling" checked

"Run this program as an administrator" checked

Right click on shortcut and select "run as administrator" when launching

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