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Couple questions from new guy???

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Hello to all, I recently started getting into Iron Warriors T-72 tank command. I understand that this is virtually the same game as balkans but was curious where they differ?

there is no mission editor so will I be able to use all these user created missions?

And if that is possible would it then also be possible to add all the user missions into one giant campaign? I prefer campaign play as I need a sense of long term goals to really enjoy it. I realize it's only a static campaign but still better than selecting individual battles each time I think. 

I look forward to any and all input and thanks in advance to all

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Hi there Ebolacat.  I think that if you want to group selected missions into a campaign, you would need to safely move the current campaign cache files out of the CACHE folder to another folder and replace them with your missions renamed to match the names of the current CACHE files.  Do the same with the script files from the DATA folder.  However you will just be using the structure from the original campaign when you start the campaign with these missions.  If you want your own diary and campaign story, I think you would have to dive in and develop it yourself.

I recommend just using the "user mission" option on the game home page, and open up the *.ca file that you want to play from the windows folder window that pops up.  It's not what you wanted, but it works best from my observations.

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