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Mac OS Big Bundle Engine 4: CMBN issue

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Just bought the Mac Big Bundle ... leaving aside CMFI for now, CMFB and CMBS installed fine, and accepted the new Bundle (single) licence key ...

CMRT didn't work with that new key; but I tried the base game key I already had for CMRT, and that - surprisingly! - did work to activate engine 4: so CMRT now at engine 4;

But ... still doesn't work with CMBN: none of that new Bundle key, nor the v3.12, v3.11 or v3 keys I have, work with the activate screen??


(Don't know if it is significant, but the latest key before engine 4 that I have for CMBN v 3.12 / BP1 was for a windows version of the game that I somehow bought (!), but was "made to work" for the Mac download I had ... whether that key *might* have worked, as with CMRT above, but will not because of the switch ... may be irrelevant!)



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