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Any good guides to setting up interesting QBs vs AI?

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Depends on what kind of game you like to play. For me, this is the best way to go about it, but I rarely ever play QBs against the computer any more.

Anyway, for what it's worth:

1: Find an interesting map. I recommend the map pack called '57 quick battle maps'. It's on the repository.

2: Choose a map with as little bocage as possible. The more cover there is on a map, the better the for the human player who can maneuver and take advantage of it.

3: The less armour the better. Again, the human player can quickly get the upper hand to destroy the enemy armour and then steamroll the AI infantry with ease. Infantry only fights give the most challenge.

4: Pick the enemy force manually. Because automatic force selection gives bizarre results.

5: Choose an attack mission and give yourself 45 minutes max.

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Play CMx1 random battles :)

PS - are you the Markshot that recommends 1830? and if so what is the best way to get it on a new machine?


PPs my first return to CM forums for ages - I've just installed CMx1 games on a new PC and am revelling in nostalgia.

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CMx1 ... they are great games.  Sometimes I wonder if better "games"; not saying more realistic.  I find the scenarios in CMx2 where done too hard.  (Yes, they do have replay value.)  But I feel they are hard to be beat on the first play as "dead is dead".  I think this due to the lack of EXPERIENCE and FORCE difficulty factors which required them to be designed for the best players as opposed to the average.


1830PC:  Yes.  It is a DOS program.  I have mine installed with DOSBOX in the game directory; all of my DOS games like this.  Why?  I use a windowing manager (returns the remembered custom windows of WinXP which later version of Windows failed to implement).  By having unique DOSBOX installs as opposed to just one with INI files, the windowing manager sees each as its own separate program which can be individually customized.  If you you do it like this, then moving to a new machine is simply copying a directory and creating a shortcut.


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