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I recently tried to fire up CMBB, on my Win 7 rig (where I had no difficulty before).  I got a message from the elicense app that my license for the Vista patch had "expired".  I tried to reinstall the license I got a message saying all licenses have been used.  I tried to generate an off line license and got the same message that no licenses are available. 

Please help.  I definitely paid for the license so this is disturbing....

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CMBB uses eLicense. The license does not 'expire', though it is definitely possible that you got an error message with this text. What I assume may have happened is that something changed about your computer. A significant new piece of hardware may have been added since CMBB was activated ? Essentially the copy-protection system is detecting a change in the system since it was last activated. With eLicense you can 'unlicense' an installation, perform the changes/upgrades and then relicense the game. This is different from the copy protection system utilized by CM games AFTER CMSF.

Each license key comes with two activations (and the ability to 'unlicense' in installation in order to preserve those activations). If no more activations are available, then you will need to get a 'reset' for your license key. Contact the Helpdesk ('+new ticket' in upper right of page) and provide your license key (and mention that it is CMBB) and request a reset/additional activation for it.

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