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Mac - Odd Behavior of Razer Naga Gaming Mouse

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Just experienced a very odd behavior of my cursor when playing CMBN and CMRT. When I opened the PBEM scenarios "Dunes of E...." in CMBN Market Garden and "Angriff" in CMRT, my cursor became very "choppy" almost like the cursor was sticking. This happens only in CMBN and CMRT. I tested it in CMSF, CMBS, CMFB, and CMFI, and the cursor worked perfectly in those titles. I enabled my Apple Bluetooth Magic Mouse and tried it. It worked perfectly CMBN and CMRT, so it appears limited to the Razer Naga mouse. I had downloaded and installed SW updates to both my desktop Mac Pro and my Naga within the last month (both are the latest SW). The Naga worked perfectly in both titles before the downloads. 

Looking for any suggestions to correct the issue. (Replacing the Mac with a Windows machine is not an acceptable suggestion :-D)





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