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Royal Italian Army (RITA) Floating Icons released

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It's Right-Cheer. :lol:


Well at the site I'm listed as the author-but really it's hard to tell who is the sole author since CMFDR put as much in as I did in research.

And he uncovered sources I couldn't find. Thanks CMFDR!

Screen-captures below.

Lozenge Shaped regular forces, HQ icons (round shaped only) and Round shaped regular forces respectively.Lozenge_zpspppiiosm.jpgHQ_zpsslpl4udw.jpgRound_zps2wdmd2xf.jpg

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Well you mastered a new icon creation tool while I sipped beers and watched so you, Sir, deserve all credits! ;)

Quick note to the millions of players who will surely download and enjoy the mod, HQ icons aren't tagged in this release version. It was at some point during beta phase, thus the screenshot above.



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