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listing of all CMBM terrain tiles + screenshot, name, and effect

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I've searched the forums and I've searched the internet using various terms, but if such a listing exists, I can't find it.  What I'm looking for is some kind of online or downloadable document that has a picture of each kind of terrain tile, its name, and how it affects units which move over, under, or through it.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Max Molinaro



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Hello Max Molinaro,

as far as I know, no such thing exist.

However, on "how it affects units which move over, under, or through it", there are articles Carlos wrote on CombatMission.fr:




(It's in French but probably nothing Google can't translate, otherwise I would be glad to help clarify any ambiguity.)

Back in 2011, PoorOldSpikeI posted "Who can cross what": http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/who-can-cross-what.8379/

Also, that thread might of some interest: 

-> it mostly explain that CMx2 terrain tiles can be made of several layers of terrain types, which makes quite difficult to tell what it's made of.


Now on a tile gallery, I've haven't seen any yet but I assume it could be done quite easily, here is a real quick example on Wordpress: http://superdupontzeserveur.fr/cmfb-terrain-gallery/

By the way, you mentioned CMBM in your title, note sure which title you are referring to.

Hope it helps.

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