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PC install limit for game disks ?

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I recall that some years ago, I was advised ( by a Games Company staff member ), that games could only be installed on 3 ( or 4 ) different PC's ( maximum ), due to a limit set into the game / disk ! However, I cannot now recall which Games / Games Company this applied / applies to... Can any one advise if this limit applies to the Combat Mission Games ( specifically to CMBO and CMBB ). 


[ NB : To date, each game has been installed on two different PC's. ]

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It is NOT the number of installations, but the number of ACTIVATIONS that will count. CMBO and CMBB were eventually re-released (summer of 2006, I believe) using the eLicense copy-protection system. This allowed for TWO concurrent activations. You had to UNLICENSE one of the activations in order to use it on another computer (if you had used them both concurrently already). Before the summer of 2006 CMBO, CMBB and CMAK used a proprietary disc-based copy-protection system that required the game CD to be present in the optical drive (no limit on the number of installs). These particular copy-protection systems only applied to copies of the games purchased directly from Battlefront.com. If you purchased the games from some other website or physical retail store, then those were usually distributed by CDV and I believe they utilized a disc-based copy-protection system with no limit on the number of installs.

The new/current copy protection system (CMBN and newer games) allows for 4 game activations before you need to request additional activations from the Battlefront Helpdesk. CMBO, CMBB and CMAK do NOT utilize this system, even if you were to purchase a new copy of any of the games from Battlefront. To my knowledge they continue to use eLicense.

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Thanks for that information.

This appears to be good news for me as my games were CDV ones, that I had purchased via a local games store. 

[ NB : If anyone can confirm Schrullenhaft's information re CDV versions of the games, I would be most grateful ].


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