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Looking for an old mod

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The link is there at bottom, but you have to be logged in it says.


April 1945. The Red Army has encircled Berlin The Soviet leader, Josef Stalin, has set his eyes on 'The Fall of the Reichstag'. This is his long awaited symbol of victory over the Fascists and every Soviet Soldier wants to be the one to raise the Red Flag over it's ruin. For Adolf Hitler the situation is decidedly bleak. His dream of the final victory is fading. His last days are drawing near. The German Army entrenched on the outskirts of Berlin has been smashed. Surviving units have been drawn into the city centre to defend the last icons of the Third Reich. Mingled Waffen SS, Hitler Youth, Wehrmacht and Volkssturm units fight on unwilling to surrender and face Soviet revenge. For days, heavy artillery has been pounding the heart of Berlin. Soviet troops of the 3rd Shock Army under the command of Marshal Zhukov fight doggedly from house to house, block to block through Berlin's ruins to the banks of the Spree. There, through the smoke and dust, across rubbled streets and parkland littered with shell holes and destruction, looms the Reichstag. German defenders, utterly exhausted by the continuous shelling fight on against the relentless push. This is their last stand. Bouyed by General Weilding and their commanders the men persevere. Tales of summary execution of the SS are rife. None expect less than slavery in Siberia if captured. While rumours of deals with the Americans and relief by the 9th and 12th Armies are everywhere, few veterans expect any more than a soldiers death in battle. They know the fate that awaits them if they surrender to the hated Russians. The Soviet Armies can taste victory. The Reichstag is only a few hundred meters away. The soldier who raises the Red Banner over it will undoubtably become a Hero of The Soviet Union. Every soldier knows how close the end is, but the battle isn't over. For each one of them, both German and Russian, these are the last days...

Allied Assault. 45 turns fixed.

Best played as: 2 Player or Soviet vs AI

Download it here http://fredkors.altervista.org/SC/BFR.zip


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