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(EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked + ACX 2.0 + Blackplate)

*AA FXAA - Deactivated

*AA Gamma correction - Deactivated

*AA Mode - Deactivated

*AA Settings - None

*AA Transparency - Deactivated

*CUDA GPUs - All

*Shader cache - Activated

*TF Anisotropic sample optimization - Deactivated

*TF Negative LOD Bias - Authorized

*TF Trilinear Optimization - Activated

*Power Management Mode - Adaptive

*Mutli-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) - Deactivated

*Threaded Optimization - Activated

*Vertical Sync - Adaptive (half refresh rate)

*Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames - 1

*Maximum pre-rendered frames - 4

*Triple Buffering - Activated


*Screen Resolution = 1680*1050 (iiyama prolite 27" 16:10)

*Refresh Rate = 60hz



*Sound - ON

*Music - ON

*Display Size - Desktop

*Vertical Synchronization - OFF

*3D Model Quality - Better

*3D textue Quality - Improved

*Antialias/Multisample - OFF

*High Priority Process - ON

*Language - XXXXXX


Tell me how it works for you ;)






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I've installed this mod today and taken a good look at it. Excellent work, but like I thought at first glance: too sharp and crispy for me. But very impressive job, Worghern. I'm sure it will be a huge succes. Vive le difference and nice to see another great mod artist is among us.

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Worghern's Re-shaders seems to result in my screen gradually becoming opaque with gritty whiteout when I load the game, and when I press GO during a game. 

So, I removed the Re-shader mod, and restarted my computer.  However, even without this mod in the Z folder, I see the text message saying that Re-shader 1.1 has loaded.  :(

As soon as I see the text message, the screen (not the menu itself) slowly starts going whitish-pink "snow".  It disappears once I select a scenario.  But, it starts again when I press GO after completing a turn.  The screen slowly goes a granular pinkish-white while processing takes place.  But, when the movie starts the problem disappears and the screen  looks fine.

Thinking there was a mod incompatibility, I removed my entire MODS folder to my Desktop.  But when I restarted the game, I still get the text message that Re-shader1.1 is installed, and the problem still exists.  When I press SCROLL LOCK to disable Re-shader, I don't get the whiteout effect.  But, the Re-shader is still clearly still installing from someplace.

Does the Re-shader mod install to some other place than the Z/Mod folder as well, so I need to hunt it down and remove? 


Edited by Erwin

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Once in the intro menu, scroll-lock to deactivate the RESHADE filter. Once in game, scroll-lock to activate it again. It seems you have not completely delete the RESHADE filter from your FB game.


"Sweetfx" folder

"Opengl32.dll" file

"Opengl32.log" text file

"Reshade.fx" file



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Yes, I just remembered that I need to remove the files from the root directory as well.  Duh...

I love the visual effect of your mod, so will try it again with different NVidia settings.

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Even without the Shader thingy, I think Worg's textures are a game changer. Man, previously I couldn't enjoy the game without a gridded terrain texture but now Environment 2.0 improve so much the immersive factor, for me, that I actually spend so much time wandering around at ground level that it can count as a recce patrol. I even disable the icons the first time I watch the replay phase just the enjoy the postcard animating itself before my eyes.

Get Worg's terrain, Aris' vehicles textures and Waclaw's sounds and you are there, on the battlefield among your men, not anymore sitting on your armchair.

Now, what I think may be just great would be to get an easy plug and play solution, an all in one download so one don't spend half an afternoon, finding, downloading and installing all these marvels. Especially those who ain't that much of a techy. Going a bit further, one could imagine a centralized repository where modders could drop their mods and update it while end users would simply synchronise their mod folder from time to time to enjoy the goodies. That's the way things are done on ArmA and some flight sim for example to manage multiplayer mod packs.


(Sorry for that digression Worghern)

Edited by CMFDR

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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 4:17 AM, CMFDR said:

Nervermind, somehow I didn't get that Reshade file when I downloaded them all yesterday.

@Erwin these files must be directly in your root folder afaik 



I've updated files on the mirror :

http://superdupontzeserveur.fr/cm/worghern/WorghernFinalBlitzkriegBeta.7z.001 (495 Mb)

http://superdupontzeserveur.fr/cm/worghern/WorghernFinalBlitzkriegBeta.7z.002 (495 Mb)

http://superdupontzeserveur.fr/cm/worghern/WorghernFinalBlitzkriegBeta.7z.003 (65 Mb)

It does include conveniently named folders, with Reshade and patch embedded, and is especially trimmed to fit on CMMods III (your call Bootie)


Am doing a complete reinstall.  Are the above 3 downloads the latest files and everything I need? 

Also, where do I get your version of zip?   Has anyone else used it and can confirm it's safe.  (Can't figure out the advantage of using these obscure forms of zip which are not universally used.)

Thank you...

Edited by Erwin

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On ‎14‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 4:02 AM, BornGinger said:

No updates to this mod for more than a year. So I guess the beta version became the finished version.

Whatever version was last released is probably the 'finished' version - Worghern hasn't been here since September 2016.

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