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Work on Patch v1.01 has started

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On page 71 in the manual the following is stated "Note: Air support cannot be directed to attack specific targets. Aircraft will roam the battlefield and attack targets of their choosing. " But in game you can call in aircraft as in BN and FI. Guess this is a relic left in from the RT manual. 

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Is it known, that the all winter-options fot the uniforms of the us-glider-troops don't work?


And the options for the unit-specific great-coats for the regular us-paratroopers don't work too (the other regular paratrooper-winter uniforms are working. The respective file ([82nd]/[101st])  have only to be created first).


Greetings, alex

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Spoiler - Custer's Stand

Loving this game, but came across an issue with a veteran 3 man M1919A4 MG team in 'deployed' status, in a cathedral bell tower, level 8 of 8, giving up 'deployed' status to reposition on the same level, when an enemy attack comes in. The MG team repositions on it's own losing 'deployed' status, even though they had LOS to the area of attack.

I did a forum search on 'deploy' and found issues, but nothing quite like this. I know heavy weapons positioning in buildings can be an issue, but haven't seen this before.

I have a saved game of the turn the enemy attacks, will do forum search on how to submit, too large to attach here. MG team in question is in the Eastern cathedral.


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On 4/15/2016 at 11:35 PM, danzig5 said:

I have encountered icon flickering once and I use a GTX 770.

Unrelated note, is there a unmentioned change to the M36 GMC ammo depending on month? I ask because in Jan 45 panther glacis plates extremely resistant to 90mm fire at all ranges, but in Oct 44 the Panther is much more vulnerable. 45 it almost feels like I am using an M10 instead.


The 90mm M3 could not effectively penetrate the Panther glacis except with T-33 APBC at 1000m or with HVAP at around 400. The initial issue APCBC and AP were ineffective unless the panther in question had very poorly made armor. 


The problem here is not that the M36 is losing penetrative power. The relationship is backwards. IIRC T-33 APBC didnt come into service in number until 1945 or ultra late 44 (dec). HVAP could only penetrate at 400m due to the negative slope effects that APCR rounds incur. What should be happening here is that the M36 should be completely ineffective up until 1945 against the Panthers glacis. 

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Because the lack of it starts showing its pain, I have to ask again, will there be any  development of a follow-the-leader kind of command ?

So many big maps and so many units involve a lot of repetitive plotting of way points now. 

I have only limited time on hand to play and rather would enjoy the action  instead of wasting time on something computers were made  to get rid off in the first place i.e.  repetitve action.


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I'm playing "Storm on Stoumont", and according to the briefing I should have two batteries of 105mm howitzers available from the beginning, but in fact I only have one. Does anyone know if this is intentional or if it's an error?

I've already posted this in the Kampfgruppe Peiper campaign thread, but as it might be a bug or an error I thought I should post it here as well.

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