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CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

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This is Karl...


And that thing he's cuddling there is Karl's Panzerschreck which he affectionately calls "Bertha". He claims the camouflague on Bertha reduces the chances of enemy tanks spotting him by 75%!

Karl's ammo bearer has cause to dispute this claim as he's lying in a bush picking shrapnel from a tank shell out of his internal organs...


The rest of his platoon, save for a few stragglers and himself, have withdrawn to the woods to the rear.

But Karl didn't go with them despite being shot at by infantry, tanks and surviving two mortar strikes.

He's been hiding in these bushes and watching this one roll up the hill, but he has only 1 round left.


Karl's a good shot, I'm not sure if he's told you that already, he usually tells anyone who'll listen.


His second tank of this December morning.

Now on something of a roll and with no more rounds for Bertha, he pulls his pistol and spies a halftrack. He's not concerned that a squad of enemy infantry were seen running along that tree-line only a minute ago or that his pistol is somewhat inferior to his beloved Bertha in the anti-armour role.


Sure enough, his efforts to ruin the paint job on the halftrack draw the attention of the americans and Karl ist Kaputt..


The End.


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A great example of how useful a new "Shoot & Scoot" command would be for AT (and sniper) teams.  ie:  Hide in ambush until you shoot, then run and hide.

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Took a quick break from the modern setting to throw this together:


Artwork comes from the old but gold Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead. Inspired by @Mord and other's who have created some great main menu screens. Not sure if I'll end up releasing this though. It's a bit rough around the edges and I put it together just for fun. 

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